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Published: 20 February 2008

Sixty-one readers responded to last week's editorial "The Skanner Endorses Barack Obama" by sending us messages on our 'Share Your Thoughts' web  page. Here we share just a few of them with you:

: I have always loved the Clintons and still love them but this race is not about sentiments it goes beyond race and color it is more of issues and your intellectual abilities to efficiently think situations through in good conscience. I have seen this light in Obama and this light an embodiment of change appeals to us in America. Obama over the years politically has shown that unflinching committed patriotism and good sense of judgment, he is not perfect, after all he is human. He doesn't need a past beloved president to convince people of his strength which he has built over the years of diverse exposure. This diverse exposure would help him and the presidency connect more and feel the yearnings of the working class and poor people of America.

: Well said! A time comes in every generation's clock when divine intervention is either accepted or rejected. The consequences are usually huge. Research these consequences and you need no lectures from me. Wake up America, that time is upon us and we can't afford to lose this life time opportunity. We all need Obama. Jerry Maduoma

: I read your article:"The Skanner Endorses Barack Obama" By Bernie Foster, Publisher of The Skanner. You said simply what I am thinking. It is time for a new breed of people, the old people must step aside and let younger, charismatic and honest individuals such as Obama lead us. It is not about race or creed; It is about a new needed leadership the world is yearning for and it is epitomized in Senator Obama. Step aside Sen. Clinton, if you love America, you need to realize it is time for a new breed of people to rule. I am not so young since I am over 50 years old and I sincerely know, Obama has the right "stuff" needed right now to save the world. Just step aside...

: I am a 68 year old female, aspiring to obtain a PhD very soon, and I am very happy and proud of Senator Barack Obama, for breaking injustice and inequality barriers that lasted through my parent's generation. My Baptist Minister Father, who is now deceased and my Mother, never promoted jealousy among the siblings, therefore, I marveled those, who were able to go around the establishment and succeed here in America. I refused to cast my vote for the same old politics with the same old results.

: Dear 'The Skanner': I was most pleased to run into the work you carry out. I reside in Barbados; Thanks, once again. Lester Springer.

: I'm residing in the UK and have been following the campaigns. I totally agree with your article and would add that the enthusiasm that Obama has generated is worldwide.

: I agree with your article about Obama. As an African-American who has has the good fortune to have lived in Germany, and England, as well as traveled extensively throughout Europe, I know that this country needs Obama. The line in the article that strikes the most consonant chord with me is that Obama would change the way the US is perceived around the world, I might add: for the better. Yes the time has come, and I believe in Obama we will have found the leader to make our country great again. -RC Los Angeles

: I endorsed your views wholeheartedly....America and the whole world needs to recognize that quality leadership is realized from the content of human character and not via ethnicity. America is now perceived as an international enemy. It is therefore important to rekindle some form of amicable relationship with our neighbouring countries in order to regain respect and confidence. Hence a better future, economically and socially! It is almost impossible to accomplish this goal with the Bush/Clinton regime....the world has had enough! Obama is a living symbol of ethnic diversity and class! I hope America will become mature enough to recognize leadership without bias.....this bias has not benefited us over the years. We have an history of hypocrisy in our system. It is time to have an introspective look at our system of governance. Such terminal dysfunctional behavior has affected us in every aspect of our lives! America's dirty laundry has become a worldwide eyesore! Healing starts from within! Leroy Dunk, Toronto, Canada

 : Simply put, Obama stands apart from all the other candidates. With due respect to Hillary Clinton, she is definitely shown a deficiency in character. First she said the delegates from Michigan and Florida would not be counted; now that she has been badly wounded in the primaries she has started calling for the reinstatement of those delegates. She voted to support the war in Iraq, like very many other Democrats, yet she's been trying to rewrite history that what she voted for was not authority for Bush to invade Iraq. She started off attacking Obama and tried to play the race card. When this backfired, she became more civil. Now that she's been badly crushed in the primaries she has reverted to vigorously attacking Obama. This sort of inconsistency highlights a serious deficiency in her character. McCain will be respected for his service to the nation, but we refuse to be intimidated by his fear-mongering. The war in Iraq has not made America safer, nor will a continuation of that war make us any safer.

: I have never voted before and this year, it will be a vote for a new direction. A direction for the new generation. A direction that will restore respect and our rightful status in the World. I will vote for Obama and thank you for your article.

: I want to share my thoughts on comments concerning the endorsement of Obama by The Skanner. I have no doubt Obama is the best option for America now. America's international perception currently needs a very likable character who can draw and win people's admiration and then, be listened to. America's position internationally cannot be restored by policy or economic bribery in the name of Aid[s].Old experience and name cannot either. It is simple: people around the world can only change their perception about America now with a new, fresh, young, vibrant, friendly and likable personality who can win minds across all races and ages. You cannot build an economy where there is division, inequality and injustice. Image must be restored first. And the so-called experienced politicians are the past image makers. People have lost confidence in them across the world. They cannot restore America's image. New things are needed. New people, new ideas, new thinking, new vision.... name it. If the Democrats really want the white house, they should nominate Obama. The Republican front runner is a strong force in his own way and needs a stronger force to be beaten. Make no mistakes: If Hillary wins the nomination, she needs a Hillary-Obama ticket to survive the November election but if Obama wins the nomination, he does not need Obama—Hillary ticket to win November elections. I have this for democrats—- Risk Hillary and it is bye-bye to white house. Forward Obama and white house is yours.

:  I agree with this article. Barack Obama is a breath of fresh air to this Vermonter. Hillary Clinton and John McCain cannot match Barack, in his foresight and his vision of a Whole America.

: I am writing a comment since the beginning of this Primary campaign and I am telling you that the staffs and Publisher of the Skanner are true Americans who love America for endorsing Obama. This article is what the VOTERS need to read. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

: There has never been a time like this in the last sixteen years where Americans of every color, race or creed have been so energized and unified in rallying to see that Barack Obama becomes the next President of the United States. This is truly a movement that all of us should be proud of. The day Barack is sworn-in will be the day the world looks at America differently. YES WE CAN!

: Yes we can! This is not just a slogan but a whole attitude of empowerment. Though I am not a US citizen, nominating Obama will send a strong message to the whole world that excellence counts and in and from that, America will reclaim its moral authority.

: Obama's article. I absolutely agree with it. Accomplishments are not achieved by experience alone, although it helps. This country grew when people worked together. It is good to see that in my lifetime we the people can once again become a reality

: I'm with Obama in all the way. He the best candidate I never see. He will bring a new generation, a new AMERICA. Vote for Obama is for the change for all Americans. YES WE CAN. SI SE PUEDE.

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