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No Success Without Risk From all the fuss that’s been made over the closure of Quartet restaurant, you’d think the Titanic had sunk for the second time – not just a restaurant.

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Editorial: Changes to OLCC Must Include Funds for Alcohol Education and Treatment In 2011 Washington State passed a liquor privatization initiative, after a record-setting $20 million campaign. Now the grocery industry wants to privatize spirits sale in Oregon.

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The Skanner News Endorsements for the Clark County General Election
Tim Leavitt, Jeanne E. Stewart and Initiative 522

Things are heating up in Vancouver. With big-ticket developments coming on the waterfront and major social changes driven by state elections decisions, more and more eyes are turning towards this gem of a city on the coast of the Columbia River.

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Editorial: Controversy Underscores Why Portland Needs a Sustainable Equity Network
Personal failings can translate into institutional prejudices

The Skanner sponsored the event to support the effort to build a sustainable network that will promote equity throughout our community. We believe this controversy simply underscores how necessary that effort is.

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Editorial: Who Can Be Killed by a Drone?
Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Ron Wyden show Congress what leadership looks like

America has been using drone warfare to kill targets in Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia. Between 3,000 and 5,000 people – many of them civilians— have been killed in these attacks, including three Americans, one a 16-year-old boy. All of this has occurred with practically no Congressional oversight or public discussion. 

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Farewell Sam and Good Luck
Mayor Sam Adams clear-sighted leadership will be missed

Mayor Sam Adams is one of the sharpest, most clear-sighted leaders the City has seen in a long time. He will be missed.

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Editorial: Don't Play Politics with Our Lives
The police union and the arbitrator can't ignore the public

Portland had barely begun to digest the 42-page Department of Justice report on police misuse of force, before justice itself took another blow.

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How Big Is Your Camera? the White House Wants to Know
White House staffers should not be dictating which tools journalists can use to do our jobs

In this age of multimedia journalism, the way the press works is changing and so are our tools. So a smart phone is also a camera, a video camera, a social media hotline and a way to put our stories on the Internet in a flash. Can somebody tell the White House?

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Lake Oswego High: Racist Tweets Are Only Tip of the Iceberg
A racially insensitive, antagonizing environment has been the worst kept secret for generations

I wish I could say I was surprised to read that three football players from my Alma Mater Lake Oswego High School (LOHS) were suspended for targeting a former Black teammate with racist tweets, but I know better.

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Are the Unions Opening Their Ranks?
Carpenters want to seize the high ground but trust is slow to build

The Carpenters and Operating Engineers union wants to remake its image as a friend and even a champion for minorities in construction. Minority contractors still doubt the union's motives.

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Stop Congress Members Pay and Benefits When They Stop Working for the American People
The house should pass a bill penalizing Congress when they play politics with our lives

President Obama has made it clear that if an agreement on the debt ceiling is not reached before August 2, US seniors might not get their social security checks. Congress as a whole should take responsibility for such a disastrous betrayal of the American people. But the president and Congress are paid from mandatory funding, not from the appropriations budget. Grandma can't pay the rent? Not a problem – for them.

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Who's Next at the Helm of Portland Development Commission. It Matters!

Portland Development Commission is looking for a new executive director, to replace Bruce Warner, retiring after 5 years at the helm. This Friday, Jan 28, you can let the commission know what kind of leader you want to see at a meeting from 1 -2 pm at the Portland Development Commission, 222 NW Fifth Ave. It matters. Here's why.

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Editorial: Firing Frashour Is a Step in the Right Direction

After all the grief and outrage surrounding the pointless shooting death of an unarmed man in a dark, rainy parking lot last January, it was with relief this week that we read Mayor Sam Adams' and Portland Police Chief Mike Reese's statements on their decision to fire rogue cop Ron Frashour.

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Let's Set the Record Straight on Dudley's Taxes
Dudley's taxes; Face the nation fails the nation

During election season, rumors, gossip and spin are so thick in the air that they sometimes obscure the truth. That's why we want to set the record straight on Chris Dudley and taxes. ...Also the networks have a responsibility to the American public. This week Shieffer and CBS failed to meet that standard of responsibility.

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